La Gomera, magic and traditions - Canary Islands

Welcome to the second smallest island in the Canary archipelago. Her biggest neighbor, Tenerife could overshadow her, but she knows how to impose herself and has many secrets that you will discover throughout the trip...
The island, by its size and its relief, is one of the most intact islands of the Canary archipelago, a paradise for hikers. The network of trails is in excellent condition, and meeting with the locals is easy thanks to its preservation away from the mass tourism of its neighbors.
The most appreciated jewel of the "Gomeros": Garajonay national park, in the center of the island, has been part of the world heritage of humanity since 1986. This unique forest in the world, originating in the tertiary sector is the most exuberant of the Canaries. It can be noted that 25% of animal and plant species are endemic to the island.
La Gomera, a succession of very deep valleys and canyons, has given birth to a whistled language "el silbo gomero" which is part of the intangible world heritage of humanity.
For the hiker, this is a complete place. There are cliffs, forests, canyons, sun and shade, vertical drop, the sea and its coves of black sand to rest.
The local specialties: cheeses, wine, the production of gofio and especially the Almogrote, a typical pâté, are sure to surprise you.
Do not forget that, at the gateway to the Atlantic, San Sebastián, the capital, and its port, was the last stopover of Christopher Columbus before the big trip ...
In summary, La Gomera is a peaceful island, full of treasures. Water, forests, canyons ... An enchantment just waiting for you ...

The price includes:
- Transfers from Tenerife South Airport to the port of Los Cristianos A / R
- The Ferry to San Sebastian from La Gomera A / R
- Accommodation in hotels and rural lodges
- Full board
- Transportation
- French-speaking certified guide

The price does not include:
- Drinks during the day and evening meals
- Personal expenses
- Travel insurance

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