Trekking tour to Pati Valley-Chapada Diamantina-Brazil

Trekking tour to Pati Valley leaving from Capão. A physically active trek, involving two nights lodging in a valley resident’s house within the National Park. Luggage can be left at the agency during the tour.
The Chapada Diamantina National Park is one of the most fascinating natural parks of Brazil. The mountain scenery contains an extraordinary variety of ecosystems, from the arid Cerrado to the lush Mata Atlantica to the rocky terrain of the Caatinga. The bromelia and orchids find a welcoming environment, adapting themselves to the differences in climate and altitude. The mountain reach peaks of 1725m (5660 ft) – see route map, and offer shelter to the jaguatirica (local wildcat), puma, mocó (rabbit-like rodent), deer, teius (lizard) and seriema (long-legged birds).

Day 1: Capão Valley – high plains – Pati Valley

• 6 -7 hours trekking
• Ascent and descent: 2300 feet
Depart the agency at 8am and travel by car towards the village of Bomba, the start of the trail to Pati valley. We soon encounter the high plains of Vieira, with its innumerable creeks. These vast areas were explored by gold miners and cattle ranchers for almost a hundred years. Time for a pit stop and a dip in the Crystal pond. The route follows the mule trails and provides a wonderful vista of the Pati mountain range in one of the most secluded area of the national park. We’ll see natural rock vegetation, carnivorous plants, altitude orchids and evergreen plants. If you’re lucky you might see a pair of eagles! We stay at a local resident’s house (rustic experience – no electricity but with comfy bed and clean bedsheets). Food is prepared by the cook using locally grown products and vegetables.

Day 2: Pati Valley- Funis waterfall – old city hall « Prefeitura »

• 4-5 hour trek
After a traditional breakfast we trek through Atlantic forest containing many typical« Jacaranda » and “Ipê” trees. The trail suddenly arrives at an incredible waterfall surrounded by enormous trees. Bromelia hang liberally from the trees creating a stunning rainforest scenario. We continue south, following the river until we bump into the old city hall of Pati, where we stop for a picnic by the river. Lodging at the house of another local, we watch the sun setting behind the Castelo mountain peak. Dinner is provided by our host.RFALL

Day 3:Pati valley – Calixto valley

• 6-7 hour trek
• Ascent of 2300 feet
Early start to explore Castelo’s peak, the quartz fort that dominated the landscape the previous day. The trail becomes engulfed by humid rainforest where we hear the chants of « Arapongas », a white bird that we sense has been watching us for a while, as well as catch glimpses of the ruby-throated hummingbird, endemic to this region. Samambaia ferns and palm trees are ubiquitous in the valley whilst the Calixto waterfall cascades into a stunning natural bathing pool to both relax and take in this extraordinary setting. We then move on till we reach the high plains where we can see the whole panoramic mountain range. Amazing views appear before our eyes in the final hours of the trek that lead us back to Capão. Arrival time at the agency is 7pm. End of the trek in Chapada Diamantina.

The price includes:
-All internal transports
-Meals during the trek
-Accommodation two nights in the park
-Ecotrip insurance

The price does not include:
-The journey to reach the Capão Valley
-Accommodation in Capão

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Durée (en jours): 3
Période (recherche): janvier, février, mars, avril, mai, juin, juillet, août, septembre, octobre, novembre, décembre
Nombre minimum de personnes: 4
Niveau physique: Dynamique
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