Hiking in the Jebel Siroua - Morocco

Located a hundred kilometers from Marrakech, the Jebel Siroua (3,305 m), former volcanic massif, links the High Atlas to the pre-Saharan chain of the Anti-Atlas. Its chaotic landscapes do not remind anything of the nearby High Atlas. Between the peaks of black rocks and tortured, large grassy and flowering areas in the spring are very rich pastures. The villages located at the foot of this massif, which shelter the Berbers Ait Ouaouzguite, share these pastures. At the foot of these villages, in fields irrigated by streams, grow barley, wheat, saffron and almond trees. At the time when the snow will no longer impede our progress, we will make you discover in six stages this wild and splendid region.

1st day : Beginning of the trek

Departure by car to reach the village of ANEZAL (south side of the Atlas). After ANEZAL, we join our mule teams for the start of the hike (3 hours walk). Bivouac near the sheepfolds.

2nd day : AÏT TIGGA

Crossing a beautiful plateau cultivated to join AÏT TIGGA (2000 m). Bivouac near the village. 6 hours walk.


We go up the valley in the middle of terraced barley fields and, after the stone villages of IDOUGHAGH and D'AIT IGHMOUR crowned by their collective loft, we pass a pass at 2,700 m to descend to the bivouac near the AZIBS N 'OUSSAMER south of jebel SIROUA. (2600m), 6 hours of walking.

4th day: IRIRI

We begin the optional ascent of SIROUA. The climb presents no difficulty. The last rocky peak that crowns this summit can be climbed easily and from above, a magnificent panorama is offered to us. Descent to the west to the sources of the wadi IRIRI. Bivouac at IRIRI. (2400). 7 hours of walking.

5th day: AZIWANE

After the cliff D'AMZDOUR, discover the granite chaos D'AZIWANE. The path crosses wide green pastures strewn with peaks of basalt and petrified lava. Bivouac in AZIWANE (2,300 m). 5 hours walk.

6th day: Return

Get off at AMASSINE (2100m) and transfer by minibus to OUARZAZATE or MARRAKECH.

The portage:
-Baggage is always carried by pack mules or a van.
-Participants only carry their belongings for the day (Water, camera ...).
The bivouac:
- Mess Tent , kitchen tent.
- Igloo tents.
- Mattress.
- kitchen equipment
Prices: for 4 people (for more or less, contact us).
- English speaking Moroccan guide.
- full board during the hike.
- a cooker and muleteers.
- The transfers already mentioned.
- The hotels in Marrakech or Ouarzazate.
- meals in Marrakech.
- Ticket flight.
- Travel insurance.
- The drinks.
- Tips for the team.
- Personal expenses.

All my treks:

Durée (en jours): 6
Période (recherche): april, may, october
Nombre minimum de personnes: 4
Niveau physique: Dynamique
Activité principale: Marche