Self sufficient horseback trek in Tusheti - Georgia

Promotion of 150 euros on this departure for any registration before end of April 2020

Europe-Europe dates, 13 days including 11 days in Georgia.
2. 18-30/7
3. 1-13/8
4. 18-30/8
5. 1-13/9
6. 18-30/9

The Tusheti region is located in the Great Caucasus Mountains in Georgia. The only gateway to this mountainous region is a pathway which has been built during the soviet period. It goes at nearly 3000m over a pass covered by snow more than 7 months per year.
The Tusheti is reachable by car from June to October that is the reason why it remains a very secluded mountainous region and the inhabitants, the Tushs, still live with their old manners and customs. Up to the construction of the pathway, most of the Tushs people were living there all the year around, isolated from the rest of the world.

Take part in this incredible self sufficient horseback expedition which leads you in the most remote part of Tusheti over some 3 passes over 3000m high, on some crest at more than 3200m, deep valleys, nest villages hung above some cliffs, Sheperds huts..
An immersion in the Tusheti area with Tush people.
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Here is a video that best transcribes the atmosphere you will find with us in the footsteps of Tush semi nomads :)

The route starts in the capital Tbilisi and ends at the same place. The first and last nights are included in the itinerary to the hotel in the heart of the old town. There are 13 days in total, from which 9 days in autonomy including 7 days full horse and 2 days to reach the village (6 hours 4 wheel drive and 2 hours on horseback and on foot). I send you the complete itinerary and all the information if you are interested.

Départ garanti:
Durée (en jours): 13
Période (recherche): july, august, september
Nombre minimum de personnes: 1
Niveau physique: Dynamique
Activité principale: Equitation