Apolobamba trek - Bolivia

A trek close to the glaciers on the western slope of the wild Apolobamba mountain range.

D1: La Paz - Kanisaya

9:30 am drive
Depending on the time available, possibility of swimming in the thermal waters of the village of Charazani to cut the road.

D2: Kanisaya - Lake Chuchuja

+/-: 360/40 m - 3h30
Easy ascent to a hamlet then more difficult to the plateau of Lake Chuchuja (4230 m). Bivouac.

D3: Lake Chuchuja - Lake Kañuhuma

+/-: 900/310 m - 8h
Climb to a pass (4420 m). Descent into the valley then crossing the river (4235 m). Again, a long climb to a pass (4945 m) which will reveal the Ullakaya glacier (5820 m). Descent to Kañuhuma Lake. Bivouac.

D4: Lake Kañuhuma - Lake Pujo Pujo

+/-: 470/540 m - 8h
Crossing a bodefal (wetland) to reach a pass at 5110 m which will give us the opportunity to admire the Ullakaya and the Condorini. After a second pass, we reach Pujo Pujo lake, away from which we bivouac.

D5: Pujo Pujo Lake - Camp Cololo

+/-: 450/450 m - 8h
Passing 2 passes, the last of which at 5000 m gives us a beautiful panorama of the mountain range. After passing several lakes, we stop at the 3rd (4680 m) for an incredibly well located bivouac. Possibility to reach Glaciar Lake at the foot of Cololo (4960 m) - allow 3 hours 30 minutes.

D6: Camp Cololo - Camp Huanacuni

+/-: 580 / 510m - 7h
Departure for a pass (5260 m) at the foot of the Huanacuni glacier (5790m). Then simple descent before a complicated passage through a scree. Once on the plateau, passage of 3 small emerald lakes before arriving on another valley that we go up to a large lake (4750m).

D7: Camp Huanacuni - Camp Palomani Grande

+/-: 770 / 800m - 9h
Climb to a pass (5120 m) in the middle of llamas and vicuñas. During the descent, superb view of the Cerro Presidente, the Alzucarani and the Palomani Grande. For a better overview of these last 2 summits, after the picnic, 2nd climb to a pass at 5230 m. Passing the pass reveals the Chaupi Orco, the highest point in the Cordillera. We may see venados (Andean deer). The descent gives us beautiful landscapes with the west face of the Palomani Grande or part of Lake Suches, border with Peru. Bivouac in a meadow.

D8: Camp Palomani Grande - Camp Chaupi Orco

+/-: 365 / 200m - 3h30
Sports crossing the river (rope or detour necessary). This day will allow us to fully enjoy the view of the glacial massif.

D9: Camp Chaupi Orco - Camp Palomani Grande

+/-: 115 / 260m - 3h30
Morning discovery of the place. Possibility to climb to a pass (5295 m) offering a superb panorama of the glaciers. Return to the camp the day before by a variant by a mule track.

D10: Camp Palomani Grande - La Paz

9:30 am drive back to La Paz. End of this Apolobamba trek.

The price includes:
- meal
- accommodation: under tent
- transfer from / to La Paz
- French speaking guide

Do not understand:
- flight
- travel insurance
- tips

** Notes: **
Note that the logistics costs of this Cordillera are higher than the Cordillera Real for example, due to its isolation.

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Durée (en jours): 10
Période (recherche): mai, juin, juillet, août, septembre, octobre
Nombre minimum de personnes: 4
Niveau physique: Sportif
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