Quimsa Cruz Trek - Bolivia

This discovery of Quimsa Cruz will make you admire its colorful lagoons, its glaciers and other peaks… We will also meet miners to share a slice of their daily lives.

D1: La Paz - Camp Viloco

8h30 drive / 1h walk (+200 m)
The road is long but gives an overview of the fabulous landscapes where we will progress. Departure of the trek from Viloco to bivouac (4450 m).

D2: Camp Viloco - Waterfall

+/-: 680/490 m - 5h
Walk on a path along a ledge with superb views to the Salvadora pass (5125 m).
Descent by scree to arrive at the foot of a small waterfall.

D3: Waterfall - ChataMarca Lake

+/-: 495 / 330m - 4h
Continuation of the path to the pass (4990 m). Lake Chatamarca and the Choquetanga glacier (5645m) appear!
Descent to the Lake to a meadow (4840 m). Bivouac.

D4: ChataMarca Lake - Camp Humajalanta

+/-: 450 / 610m - 5h
Walk along Lake Chatamarca then climb to a pass (4960 m) with a beautiful view of lakes with turquoise waters. The rest takes us to the miners. Visions of the access holes to the galleries and the hard life of the workers. Walk on a carriage track to the Humajalanta camp near a small dam lake.

D5: Camp Humajalanta - Camp Mina Santa Rosa

+/-: 600 / 400m - 5h
Today, change of slope. Climb via the carriage track to the Caracoles pass (4885 m). Descent to a lake at 4500 m. Climb again, passing the Santa Rosa mine, then a lake at the foot of the Don Luis glacier (4900 m). Bivouac.

D6: Camp Mina Santa Rosa - Camp Mina Poldi

+/-: 820 / 780m - 5h
Climb to a pass (5200 m) with a small lake (very often snow-capped at the start of the season). Descent to a lake (5045 m), ascent to a pass. Descend again to the village of mina Poldi. Bivouac after going down a little more.

D7: Camp Mina Poldi - Lake Altarni

+/-: 740 / 450m - 6h
Walk in the alpine pastures filled with llamas and alpacas. Arrival at the great lake Altarani.

D8: Lake Altarni - Lake Chojnã Khota

+/-: 450 / 450m - 4h
Path above the Monte Blanco mine. Reaching Huallatani lake (4945 m) with a view of the three peaks of Don Luis. Climb to a steep pass (5290 m). Sporty descent in a scree to reach the small Chojña Khota lake (4850m).

D9: Chojnã Khota Lake - Mallachuma

+/-: 695 / 705m - 5:30 am
After a descent, climb to a pass at 4970 m. Panorama on a beautiful valley with three lakes with multiple shades of blue. After lunch, new climb to a pass at 5190 m. Change of valley. Pass by a mine, then a pass at 5265 m before descending to the village of Mallachuma. The glaciers of San Enrique and Jankho Loma show us their attire.

D10: Mallachuma - La Paz

8h30 drive - End of the trek

The price includes:
- meal
- accommodation: under tent
- transfer from / to La Paz
- French speaking guide

Do not understand:
- flight
- travel insurance
- tips

** Notes: **
Note that the logistics costs of this Cordillera are higher than the Cordillera Real for example, due to its isolation.

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Durée (en jours): 10
Période (recherche): avril, mai, juin, juillet, août, septembre, octobre, novembre
Nombre minimum de personnes: 4
Niveau physique: Sportif
Activité principale: Marche