Royal Cordillera Trek - Bolivia

This trek will take you to discover the western slope of the cordillera with its colorful lakes and views of magnificent glaciers. A true feeling of freedom will invade you while walking in this nature without even a path sometimes!

D1: La Paz - Sorata

Road to the village of Sorata (3h30)

D2: Sorata (2,675 m) - Lake Chilata (4,200 m)

+/-: 1520/0 m - 6:30 am
Beginning of the trek with a big positive elevation but the view of the Illampu massif is worth the effort!

D3: Lake Chilata - Lake Glaciar (5045 m) - Camp de Venado

+/-: 900/795 m - 6:30 am
Walk on a trail on the western slope of the Illampu and Ancohuma massifs. Solid climb in rocky environment to Glaciar Lake where a glacier ends. Nice view of the main summit of Illampu. Descent to the camp (4300 m).
 ## D4: Venado - Lojena (4360 m)
+/-: 640 / 610m - 6:30 am
Pass through a pass (4350 m) with a view of the valley containing the Susana silver mine. After crossing the village of Millipaya, crossing a stream and passing small lakes, arrive in Lojena for the night.

D5: Lojena - Lake San Francisco

+/-: 700 / 560m - 5h30
Clear view that allows you to see Lake Titicaca. Pass through the Chotanlona pass (4910 m) then descend to the lake. Possibility of swimming in the hot springs.

J6: Lake San Francisco - Lake Chojna Quta

+/-: 745 / 510m - 6:30 am
Today, crossing from 3 passes to almost 5000 m. Arrival near 2 lakes with turquoise waters (Chojña Khota and Carizal). Superb bivouac area near the lake.

J7: Chojna Quta lake - Jistaña quta lake

+/-: 350 / 515m - 3h30
2 possible options for the morning: relaxing by the lake or climbing to the Calzada pass (5050 m). Descent through a mineral landscape made of dust and gray rocks to the bivouac near the Jistaña Khota lake.

J8: Jistaña quta lake - ChiscacaLLiuani lake

+/-: 800 / 585m - 7h
A big day with, among other things, a view of the Condor Jipina peak, the passage of 2 passes at around 5000 m and a descent into a scree. Arrival on the edge of the green lake.

D9: Lake ChiscacaLLiuani - Jayllawaya Valley

 +/-: 905 / 1210m - 7:30 am
Crossing the bofedals (mossy wetlands) of the Chacha Kumani valley (4430 m). Passing a pass at 5000 m with a view of the Chachacomani glacier. Reaching the Jayllawaya valley (4480 m) after a few passes.

D10: Jayllawaya Valley - Khotia Lake

 +/-: 810 / 840m - 7:30 am
Difficult climb to Lake Warani (49,300 m) at the bottom of the eponymous glacier. It is a double-faced lake: the glacier modifying the color of the water on part of the lake. The rendering is quite incredible! After a walk along a glacier and the passage of 2 passes at around 5000 m, arrival at Lake Khotia (4450m).

D11: Lake Khotia - Lake Ajwani

 +/-: 550 / 385m - 5h
Walk on the most famous trail of the Cordillera Real. Crossing a semi-marshy area in the valley and then climbing up to Ajwani lake (4615 m) where many ducks nest.

D12: Ajwani Lake - Jurikhota Lake

+/-: 530 / 445m - 4h
Change of valley via the Milluni pass (4910 m) with a beautiful view of the Huayna Potosi. Continuation of the path in the mountains with incredible views of the Condoriri massif, one of the most beautiful glaciers of the cordillera.

J13: Jurikhota Lake - Chiarkhota Lake

+/-: 475 / 500m - 5h
Ascent to the splendid Congelada lake (4880 m). Pause to admire the place. Difficult climb (use of hands required) to reach the Austria pass (5140 m). Possibility to climb to the top of peak Austria. It offers a breathtaking view of the Condoriri. The slope is steep but it's worth it! Descent to the lake (4680 m) for the bivouac.

D14: Lake Chiarkhota - Lake Wichu Khota

+/-: 845 / 845m - 7h
Passing the Jallayko pass (5025 m) with a view of the Pequeño Alapmayo glacier. The glaciers give way to rocky peaks. Passing the Tillipata pass (5000 m) offering a beautiful panorama of the Huayna Potosi lakes. Descent to Lake Wichu Khota for the night.

D15: Lake Wichu Khota - Campo Canal

+/-: 220 / 220m - 5:30 am
Walk on track, possibility of climbing on a small summit to appreciate the view on the lakes. At Campo Canal, walk to Glaciar Lake (4905 m) from the Huayna Potosi at the foot of the west face (900m peak). Fabulous and terrifying at the same time!

D16: Campo Canal - La Paz

+/-: 300 / 200m - 4h
Last pass at 5000 m with a beautiful view of the west face of Huayna Potosi. End of the trek to the Casa Blanca refuge (4795 m).
Transfer to the city of La Paz.

The price includes:
- meal
- accommodation: tent, hotel for day 1
- transfer from / to La Paz
- French speaking guide

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- flight
- travel insurance
- tips

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Durée (en jours): 16
Période (recherche): mai, juin, juillet, août, septembre, octobre
Nombre minimum de personnes: 4
Niveau physique: Engagé
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