Trekking in Petit Gobi - Mongolia

This trek will allow you to discover landscapes typical of Mongolia, through its nature reserves, lakes and mountains. All while passing by hot springs ... enough to fully recharge your batteries!

Day 1: Ulaanbaatar

Arrival in Ulaanbaatar. Welcome by our team and transfer to the hotel. After a little rest and a shower, visit the big Gandan monastery, have lunch in town. Walk the streets of Ulan Bator and dine at a local restaurant.

Day 2: Batkhan uul

Route to Batkhan uul, the highest peak in the chain which stretches 30 km to 2178 m. This natural system includes a large sand dune and a forest area. It is rare in the world. Therefore, it was protected by the nature reserve in 1957. Lunch. Walk around the mountain. The surrounding trees are a good place to camp.
Travel time: about 4 hours by car (250 km)

Day 3: Ikh Mongolian uul

Today we will start our trekking towards the Ikh Mongol uul mountain (1675m). Walking is the best way to enjoy Shireet Tsagaan Lake and the surrounding mountains. On the shores of Lake Shireet Tsagaan Nuur, in 1639, Zanabazar, son of Tusheet Khan Gombodorj, was honored as the first Bogd at the age of 5.
Travel time: about 3-4 hours on foot (22 km)

Day 4: Hogno khan

Our destination today is Hogno Khan mountain, then we will arrive at the nomad's. The Hogno Khan nature reserve (46,900 ha) protects wolves and foxes from the desert steppe. It is a good place for short hikes (lots of rocks to climb) and there are lots of old temples and ruins. You will see ibexes, eagles and wolves.
You will discover the nomadic way of life and can, if you wish, participate in the daily tasks of the breeder's life.
Travel time: about 3-4 hours on foot (20 km)

Day 5: Hogno khan

In the morning, visit two monasteries Erdiin khambiin khiid and Ovgon khiid. The ruins of this monastery lie at the southern foot of the mountain. After visiting the Erdiin khambiin khiid monastery, a magnificent 1 hour walk (2km) up the valley to the right of the Erdiin khambii khiid. It was built in 1660. Back to the nomad.
You will find the friendly atmosphere of the yurt, where you can learn games of knucklebones and cards, widely used in Mongolia. Camel ride.
Travel time: about 3 hours on foot (15 km)

Day 6: Khogno Khan uul - Mogod hot spring

You will leave for the Mogod hot springs, and after settling in and restoring in the yurt camp, you will bask and relax in this naturally hot water rich in minerals, known for its many curative properties (back pain, illnesses skin, etc.). Reinvigorated by swimming, you will continue this beautiful day with a walk in the surroundings.
Travel time: about 3 hours by car (140 km)

Day 7: Mogod - Urantogoo

Drive to Uran-Togoo nature reserve. This area was protected in 1965, green and hilly, it includes three extinct volcanoes. It is a beautiful place to go for walks and horse rides.
A perfect opportunity to rediscover the sky, preserved from all light pollution, and thus populated with infinite stars. Travel time: around 3.5 hours by car (160 km)

Day 8: Uran togoo - Moron

Departure towards the north of the country. Passing through Moron the capital of the province. Discovery of deer steles.
Travel time: about 4 hours by car (280 km)

Day 9: Moron- Khuvsgul Lake

Tour to the local market. Continue to Khosvgol Lake, the Blue Pearl of Mongolia. Lunch. Arrival by the lake in the late afternoon. Installation at the tourist camp.
Travel time: 1h30 (100 km)

Day 10: Khuvsgul Lake

Day exploring the region around the lake.

Day 11: Flight to Ulaanbaatar

Departure for the city Moron to take the internal flight to Ulaanbaatar 100 km journey and 1h30 flight. Arrival in Ulaanbaatar.
Travel time: 1h30 (100 km)

The price includes:
- accommodation: tent, tourist camp, homestay and hotel for the first day
- meals
** The price does not include: **
- Air tickets except domestic flight in the program.
- Travel insurance.
- Tips for the team.

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Durée (en jours): 11
Période (recherche): june, july, august
Nombre minimum de personnes: 4
Niveau physique: Dynamique
Activité principale: Marche