Fjallabak off the beaten track - Iceland

The Highlands and the region of Fjallabak are famous for trekking, and victims of their success. Here we offer a different trek, off the beaten track to discover unique landscapes and silence. We will cross black deserts, recent lava flows, many rivers, sometimes hot, fields of solfatares where the earth is muddy… and the multicolored mountains of rhyolite.

The itinerary is indicative, each year we seek the best way to explore this region and the weather conditions may require us to modify the itinerary. The average duration of the walks varies every day from 5 to 8 hours

D1: Reykjavik-Afangagil: 14 Kms / 4H / + 200-200M

Your guide picks you up at your accommodation and we leave Reykjavik around 10am for the Fjallabak region. Departure for the hike just after lunch. We are near the Hekla volcano and we walk along the Ytri-Ranga river to reach our accommodation for the night, a charming traditional Icelandic house restored as a refuge.

D2: Afangagil-Landmannahellir: 22 km / 7H / + 500-500

We cross several gorges, black deserts with a magnificent view of the Hekla. We will cross the magnificent eruptive fault of Valagjá and the recent lava flow of Hekla, in a superb desert atmosphere to put us in the mood. We will pass by crater lakes like Saudleysuvatn. Arrival at Landmannahellir refuge and overnight on site.

D3: Landmannahellir - Landmannalaugar: 16 Kms / 6H / + 200-200

We reach the well-known region of Landmannalaugar with its river of hot water (bath possible to end the day), between lava flow and obsidian .... On the way we will pass again near very beautiful crater lakes. Arrival in the Laugahraun flow and walk in Grænagil, the green valley.

D4: Landamannahellir-Dalakofinn: 20 Kms / 7H / + 800-300

We climb on the Hrafntinnusker plateau by joining the Höfdavatn lake. We will cross many areas of solfatares on the way. We will arrive in the smoke valley of Reykjadalir and at the source of the famous Markarfljot river. Our refuge overlooks the valley, an incredible place at the foot of the Laufafell mountain.

D5: Dalakofinn-Hvanngil: 22 Kms / 7H / + 200-500

We leave the refuge located at the foot of the Markarfljot river, which is always tricky to cross. We follow the great mountain of Laufafell with these magnificent gorges to reach Alfavatn, the swan lake and its superb set of mirrors, and our refuge a little further.

D6: Hvanngil-Strutur: 15 Kms / 6H / + 500-500

Change of landscape and atmosphere today with the crossing of the Maelifellssandur desert, black and gray atmosphere with many ramifications of rivers, all bordered by the Myrdalsjökull glacier. Arrival at the refuge at the foot of the mountain of Strutur. The view of Maelifell is dazzling.

D7: Strutur-Alftavötn: 20 Kms / 7H / + 600-600

Magnificent hike through the mountains bordered by the Torfajökull glacier in the North and the Svatahnuksfjöll mountain, natural hot bath and privileged discovery of this landscape composed of small gorges and secret valleys. We will also have the opportunity to take a hot bath in nature at Strutslaug and to cross further the already visible Eldgja fault, which we will find the next day in its most impressive part. Very picturesque refuge in a magnificent location.

D8: Holaskjol and Eldgja: 22 km / 7H / + 400-400

We join the Eldgja fault that we follow. Along the way, we will stop to admire the beautiful waterfall at Ofaerufoss. At the end of the day, we will take a bus to return to Reykjavik with a final festive dinner en route, arriving in the capital in the evening around 10 p.m., night in the center.

To note:
- Luggage: we ask participants to take only a maximum of 12-15 kg of luggage for the trek preferably a large flexible bag and not a rigid suitcase and a smaller backpack for the day's hike. It is possible to leave things in Reykjavik for those who extend their stay.
- For the conviviality of the group, but nothing compulsory, we recommend that everyone bring a small specialty from their region (cookies, cheese, wine ...).
- Participation: The members of the trip are supposed to lend a helping hand and help the guide for the preparation of meals and dishes at the accommodation.

The price includes:
- Accommodation: Refuges (excellent qualities) or tent camping with comfortable mattresses if refuge not available (rare).
- Transfers: by private 4 × 4 mini bus.
- Food: vegetarian-style cuisine based on quality, tasty organic products. Tell us about any special diet or allergy
- loan of tents

The price does not include:
- flights
- travel insurance
- tips

Durée (en jours): 8
Période (recherche): august
Nombre minimum de personnes: 4
Niveau physique: Sportif
Activité principale: Marche